The Legend of Hina Cave

The legend begins 350-400 years ago with a beautiful young woman named Hina who lived near the beach at Oholei. One day Hina met Sinilau and they fell in love. Their love was instant, deep and true. Not long after, Hina and Sinilau were married and they lived together happily on that beach, which to them was a little piece of heaven, because they were together. One day Sinilau went out fishing. Hina waited on the Maka ahoia, or rock outcropping in the sea. She waited all day and all night, but Sinilau never returned. Hina eventually laid down in the Hina Cave and died of a broken heart. She can still be seen there, waiting forever for her soul mate Sinilau to return.

Hina cave is now called the cave of love. It is said that no matter how you feel outside the cave, once you enter with your partner you will no longer remember your quarrels and you will only be able to think of the deep ocean of love you have for each other.


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